·       Every teacher must do their job effectively and diligently in order to adhere to the performance and academic criteria set forth from time to time by the government.

·       Every teacher must keep up with the latest information and techniques in order to properly carry out the tasks that have been delegated to them.

·       Every teacher is expected to always act with the utmost professionalism and decorum when dealing with seniors, coworkers, and pupils.

·       No teacher shall absent himself/herself from duties at any time without prior permission from higher authorities.

·       Without the prior consent of the Principal or Directorate of Higher Education, no teacher may accept any honorarium or other assignment given to them by any external organization.

·       No teacher shall associate with any political party or take part in any other organization actively, which is not in line with the duties and ethics of the teaching profession.

·       No teacher shall attempt to bring any political or outside pressure on his/her superior authorities in respect of service matters.

·       No teacher shall act in any manner that violates the norms of decency or morality in his/her conduct or behavior inside and outside the College Campus.

·       No teacher shall incite, provoke or instigate any students or any other member of the staff into any form of action against the higher authorities, or that seeks to disrupt the academic activities of the College.

·       No teacher shall by act or deed degrades, harass or insult any other person for any reason whatsoever or act in a manner unbecoming of the teaching profession.